King’s Middle School, for grades 6-8, eases students through the transition from Elementary School to the demands of High School in a safe, nurturing, and Christian environment. The Middle School’s curriculum is content driven, and by the end of each school year, students are expected to accomplish specific performance goals in each subject.

At the beginning of the school year, all Middle School students are assessed to determine their primary LOVE LANGUAGE using Gary Chapman’s “5 Love Languages” material. In addition, all students are given the Multiple Intelligence assessment to help teachers best understand each individual student’s learning style. This information helps teachers personalize instruction and better communicate with students throughout the year. Teachers use a variety of instructional methods to address the different learning styles of students including hands-on activities, lectures, research, technology, and many cross-curriculum activities.

Our Middle School iPad program is in full operation and provides eBook technology in every core subject, as well as Bible. All classrooms are equipped with wireless internet and teachers have iPads and Apple TV technology to enhance instruction. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum.

Small class sizes allow students to benefit from teachers who can individualize the curriculum as needed. Recognizing that this age is a unique transitional phase where students experience many physical and emotional changes, faculty are trained to personally engage students spiritually, socially, emotionally and intellectually.

The King’s Knights participate in a local Middle School Athletic League that offers football, basketball, and soccer for boys, as well as volleyball, basketball, and soccer for girls.

The extensive efforts that are put into offering a complete Middle School experience result in local high schools actively recruiting our graduating 8th graders. They recognize our students as being well-rounded individuals with strong spiritual convictions, excellent academic preparation, and respectful personalities that make them leaders on their high school campuses. We are VERY proud of our Middle School graduates.