"A King's Legacy" Trailer

We're only 4 DAYS AWAY from the release of our FIRST-EVER virtual presentation of "A KING'S LEGACY."  In case you missed it, here's a glimpse of this powerful and inspiring video featuring our awesome KING'S KIDS and the impact being made on our campus every day.  Please SHARE this with your entire world of social media and help us reach our goal of over 100,000 views!  

Note: This is NOT a live event.  This is a 20 minute video that you can watch at your convenience as many times as you want, then PLEASE SHARE/FORWARD it to your family and friends.  

Look for an email on THIS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12 with a link to the video.....OR go to www.supportkingsschools.com...and then consider becoming part of the lasting legacy at King's Schools.

Exciting times here at King's - don't miss it!